Add a little spark and style to your business communications.

Who ever decided business writing had to read like a proxy statement? You deserve better. Well-crafted business writing captures the essence of a firm: It can humanize a company and differentiate it from the competition. It can position a product line with a few evocative phrases. Most importantly, it can help make the sale.

I began my career as a business writer, and continue to write for corporate clients today. I love learning about different companies, helping to shape their voices and tell their stories. Dull and ordinary it is not. My clients have included corporations, professional associations, law firms, family-owned firms, government agencies and CEOs in want of a ghostwriter.

I'm sure there's some type of business writing I haven't done. But my portfolio includes marketing campaigns, image booklets, websites, corporate histories, case studies, packaging copy, electronic newsletters, annual reports, product catalogs, conference materials, even greeting cards and crossword puzzles.

My services are as versatile as your needs. I can:

  • Establish creative themes and logical organization of your subject matter
  • Write original copy
  • Update existing drafts
  • Coordinate and create ongoing communications efforts such as blogs, Facebook pages and newsletters
  • Edit and proofread for style, consistency and grammar
  • Coordinate your entire project, working with a network of talented graphic designers, photographers, marketing professionals and printers.
Click on the publications at right to see some writing samples, and contact me to discuss your writing needs.

Business Writing Samples

No Image Available Picture SmithGroup recruitment brochure
No Image Available Picture JJR Website
 Picture Thomas Steele image brochure
Examples of neighborhood write-ups: Picture Veridian Homes Neighborhood Guide